Casa blanca abandonada (cosas de R&W)

He decides to finally push the door. “It might be something else there,” he thinks. The house is empty and every step he makes sounds strangely loud. The other side of the door just hides a room that may appear very common to other people. It is filled by the light of the sun, and the walls are painted with a bright yellow that makes his eyes hurt. There is also a bed, with a red bedspread and over the bed there is the most important thing: an old ugly doll. “It was her doll,” he thinks, the doll of that girl that he used to like so much and that now is gone for ever. The window is open and the curtains are not there anymore. “Someone might have robbed it, or maybe it was here who decided to take them away,” The doll is still there, a little bit broken and covered with dirt. He decides that it is enough and goes away, leaving the room. He closes the door which now seems less mysterious and older and leaves the white house as unprotected as it was. There is nothing left there.

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