Unanswered: un 13 de enero hace 7 años

Se supone que, tal como el título lo dice, este es un post para un 13 de enero. Pero guess what? este año nada pudo obligarme a postear en dicha fecha. Este año después de 7 años me puse las zapatillas y corrí 23 kilómetros intentando hacer una representación de como se supone que uno hace para dejar cosas atrás: no wonder I ended up running in circles.

13 de enero, 2011, 21.15 pm.

it's been a while now since the last time I needed to come here and do this. But, the thing is, I'm in pain. I'm hurting deeply and can't even really tell why. Well, maybe I CAN, but the point is that I can't really locate the area from which this pain has been unleashed without much warning or mercy.
At the moment, I seem to be prisoner of these feelings, these things I can't quite comprehend. These emotions that, at the moment, are burning me with a powerful never-ending all-consuming fire.
It might be that THE DAY is approaching, it might be that I feel that people don't really understand me most of the time, it might positively be that I can't quite comprehend myself or my motives for that matter, or that even though I feel most terribly and horribly alone I can't find a way to connect with people. Or, to put it in another way, whenever I feel the need to be held or soothed I just don't know where to go, who to trust, who to talk to. I feel out of place, ashamed of my own very basic and human needs.

Because, you know, I'm the kind of girl that just always there. Present, available, with a kind smile plastered to her face wanting and waiting to help you, observing you, trying to decode you in order to anticipate your needs. Yet, I do not have much of that in my daily life. Day in and day out in live through this nebulous kind of life in which I'm not sure about anything at all, in which I am not contained nor held nor understood and I feel pretty much depressed or sad or horrified or with the powerful need of drinking tea and going for long walks by myself just to remember how is it that we human beings endure this thing we call 'daily life' without the dramas that go on and on in my head.
Running has kept my mind off the topic for some time now, my being in my 10th week of training for the half-marathon. Tomorrow is rest day, and considering that Friday is usually the most important day of the week because I get to run my weekly long run I should be feeling differently. Confident, happy, challenging. Yet, the only thing I can think of is that on Friday it will be seven years since I last saw you. And you know, the human body is an amazing thing, did you know that it takes our body seven years to completely renew all our cells? Yes. In seven years we are pretty much a new human being. It means that I am now a stranger. It means that my dad has never seen or touched this body. It means he has never hugged or kissed this flesh. It means that I have finally become someone else, not his daughter, not the girl he left but someone else. Someone he could pass by on the street and not recognize. I always thought this was what I wanted, but, as with everything else in my life, I realized way too late that this was completely the opposite of what I expected.
It shouldn't have struck me as something odd that I still wanted to have him, to see him, to hug him, to have the word 'dad' be a common one in my vocabulary. Yet there I was this morning when I woke up, completely astonished at the so-obvious-revelation: that I never thought we would go so far as to wait seven years for an answer that will probably never arrive.
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