So sad, so real

I think so / I thought so / I'd like to / to please them / a handful / a pity / of course not / I'd love to / he couldn't / as well as / for ever / they may be / to try it /at breakfast /the paper / she had to / it's early / she's ready / with pleasure / I'm sorry / just listen / but why not? / I've read it / a lot of / without me / in daytime / a nuisance /the answer / I'd rather / it's broken / in winter.
Mientras leía la guia de phonics, esto apareció. Exercise number 5, otra vez impar. Y mira que extraño, mira que real. Como si el ejercicio gritara cosas impares que se tiñen solas. Este es otro codigo secreto. Otro. Otro.

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Jerx dijo...

Así que 18 años físicos. Feliz cumple, Tere!

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