had been remembering (continuous in the past)

(that) when I was 13 things were just the same. I used to listen to music when things did not go well. I used to look at the ceiling singing Sleeping with Ghost in my head. I used to write things that would never happen.
(that) when I was 15 things were just the same. I thought I was happy when I was not, and usually thought I was sad when I was not. I believed in butterflies and never ending springs. I believed nothing could be ever wrong. Oh yes, I was so wrong.
(that) when I was (and finally turned) 17 things were just the same. Everything was upside down and I felt regret for everything. I tried to do my best. I tried to be good, I tried not to listen those songs. I tried, but I could not. I tried not to want him/you/her/she/it.
(that) I turned 18 months ago and it's so cold.

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